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Located in Branford serving Lake City, Mayo and Fort White and surrounding areas.

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Arborist, Tree Service and Tree Removal Services in Lake City, Mayo and Fort White

Committed to providing professional tree care maintenance in the Lake City region for many years, the experienced and certified arborists at Limb's & More Tree offer a complete range of services that include:

  • - Tree health maintenance
  • - Emergency tree services
  • - Tree cabling and bracing
  • - Tree planting
  • - Tree lightning protection
  • - Stump and tree removal
  • - Land and lot clearing
  • - Tree pruning

Landscape Preservation

Protect property values and preserve the natural beauty of your landscape with qualified arborist services. The practical upkeep of trees and shrubs is an important part of overall property maintenance. Regular tree care not only enhances curb appeal of the property, but also ensures tree health, preserves growth and keeps your home and business safe.

Limb's & More Tree offers a team of trained and qualified staff available year round to assess your landscape and provide the ultimate in environmentally friendly tree care and maintenance. As a team of tree care specialists dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of Lake City, we provide free consultations to residential and commercial property owners for any tree project big or small.

Practical Tree Care Saves Time and Money

Limb's & More Tree tree care services for busy home and business owners in Lake City save time and money in the long run. Compare the cost of tool rentals and extra work with our professional know-how and experience offered at reasonable rates.

For expert tree removal, trimming, pruning and maintenance, you can count on Limb's & More Tree. Call (386) 867-0221 for a free consultation.

Quick tree tip: Autumn leaves that fall from your trees will eventually disappear by spring and turn into a rich source of beneficial microorganisms. If the ground cover created by these fallen leaves doesn’t offend your sensibilities, let them lie where they fall to create natural compost.